Sarah Gemperle

Hi there! 👋 I'm a UC San Diego Math-Computer Science, Business Minor grad with previous experience as Software Engineer Intern, Computer Science Tutor, and Technical Project Manager for Codepath's iOS Swift Bootcamp, looking for full-time, entry level positions.


Mitchell International, San Diego CA

Software Engineering Intern June - August 2018

Worked on the CORP Platform team on a project aiming to stream thousands of Mitchell projects through a Pipeline, so that dependent projects are predicted and eventually built in order of position in dependency tree. Completed and refactored existing typescript/Node.js CICD Pipeline application for Mitchell International. Migrated existing application to run over Amazon Web Services, utilizing various services such as Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudWatch and other tools. Integrated with Jenkins, a continuous integration software.

Codepath University

Technical Project Manager Jan 2017 - April 2017 // Jan 2019 - May 2019

iOS application development Bootcamp TA with 50+ enrolled students for Codepath University. First year of being a Teaching Assistant, I Developed 8 iOS (Swift) applications in span of 12 weeks, working 3 weeks ahead of students. Organized showcasing events, held weekly office hours, gave lectures on iOS topics, presented large group application project at end of Bootcamp, winning Greatest Technical Accomplishment. I am currently a TA again for the 2019 cohort at UCSD!

Athena Hacks Facebook Prize Winner: Best Mobile Hack

Athena Hacks, Role: iOS Full-Stack Developer February 24th-25th, 2018

Our App, Benefit, is a running app with a philanthropic twist. Built at USC in just 24 hours for Athena Hacks. For every mile run, our app donates $0.20 to a charity the user selected from an API drawn collection of 1 million+ charities. Built for iOS platform, coded in Swift using XCode. Utilized Firebase, OrgHunter API (charities), MapKit and CoreLocation for GPS tracking, various CocoaPods, and Sketch for our logo, Charity Cheetah. You can view more about BeneFIT in projects section below.

UC San Diego, Computer Science Department

Data Structures Tutor December 2016-June 2017

Served as a teaching aid, providing service to over 200 students and achieving 100% student satisfaction ratings. Held two office hours/week where I helped students understand Data Structures concepts, and assist in debugging and implementing programs in C and Java. Proctor midterms/finals. Grade programming assignments, providing useful critique.

Some Projects

Github for more

React Next.js Now Rebass
Allows you to deliver a meme as a postcard to a friend or relative, or just as a joke. (Via Lob and Stripe). User uploads an image of their meme (or cat??), fills out sender and sendee information, credit card info, and makes small payment of just $1.50, and their gift is gifted in 5-7 business days by a startup, called Lob.
Built into two parts, a Next.js and React frontend, and a single backend endpoint, deployed with Now. Wanted a simple infrastructure, and Zeit’s Now, along with Rebass and Next.js’s styled-jsx for styling allowed this!


Typescript Javascript Node.js Amazon Web Services TFS Jenkins
Explained above in experience. Refactored an Express/Node.js application previously spun on Docker, that has to pipeline thousands of Mitchell Projects, interdependent on each other. Use of Amazon Web Service's DynamoDB, API Gateway, and Lambda functions allowed for a scaleable cloud application to arise from what used to be served and hosted locally.

iOS Applications

XCode Swift OAuth CocoaPods Firebase
While a Teaching Assistant for Codepath's iOS Bootcamp, I completed various iOS applications (1 per week roughly). We created a mock Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, a movie streaming application, and as a final project, itinerarMe, a Google Places API-based user oriented Itinerary application. All developed using Swift and XCode, and various tools for user database, authorization, etc. Check out Github for gifs and code!


Node.js React Native Express PostgreSQL Microsoft Azure Heroku Twilio Firebase
A cross-platform Mobile Application that connects project ideas to project backers, so that ideas can come to fruition. I developed front-end with React Native, allowing synchronicity with Node.js backend, PostgreSQL/Azure database, and Twilio API. Watch our fun Promo Video here!!


University of California, San Diego 2015 - 2019

Mathematics-Computer Science B.S., Business Minor

Thammasat University - Bangkok, Thailand Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

Business Studies - Fall Abroad Program. Courses in Business Consulting, International Finance, Accounting, and Thai.

Codepath University Jan 2017 - May 2017

Professional iOS, Swift Development: Certification